Soy Mariana, creadora de Vida Verde.

Hi! Thanks so much for choosing to land here.

You know when you are practicing for a presentation in front of the mirror and it all comes out SO right you feel like a TED Talks guest? And then when you are actually trying to tell the story to people live, there’s just… crickets? That’s what happens to me every time I try to write this ABOUT section, just because there is so much I want to say, I don’t even know where to start!

The truth is, this is so much about me as it is about you, as we craft our journey to wellness, totally owning it and having fun while doing it.

For the longest time, we have relied on doctors, or labels, or magazines, you name it, to tell us what is right for us,  what will make us healthy, thin, smart and successful. We have completely ignored our own voice and forgotten that as humans, we have the ability and an innate inner power to know what will make us flourish & heal. Just like any other animal out there.

So, the purpose of ‘own your wellness’ is to ignite our inner power to reclaim our health, so that we can once again be the owners of our own Health. And it is my own journey, too. Let’s for a moment forget ‘what we are meant to be doing’  according to societal norms,  and take some time to find the way back to reconnect to ourselves, through real food, spirituality, movement, and the human kindness that surrounds us.

Okay, and for the technical stuff.  Mariana Prince here. Originally from Mexico City, German and Irish grandparents, have lived in a bunch of places (including China for two years… what?! I know…). I have a Masters Degree in Online Marketing and E-Commerce,  a Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management, but most importantly a certified wellness coach,  graduated from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC.

Some time soon I will share more of my story and how I ended up here, but it all boils down to realizing that I wanted to follow my heart (cheesy, I know) and start doing what I actually feel I was born to do. Help others!

Glad to have you here, Strong & Beautitul WELLNESS OWNER!

Until soon,


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