Donuts on wooden background


Donuts have superpowers. Seriously. They can take any shape, any size they want, and sneak upon us, so we unknowingly eat them. Everywhere. In fact, you might be eating one right now.
If you have been trying to lose weight to no avail, I am telling you. It’s the donuts. 

I am talking about sugar content and added sugars, where we don’t really expect it. Let me show you.  Have a look at the below, and think for a sec if that’s somewhat how breakfast looks like for you.

If yes, I have to tell you. You have been accidentally attending the donut parade of the year.

The combination of that yogurt, granola bar, and a glass of orange juice, amounts to a total of 62 grams of sugar, or 15.5 teaspoons.

Which is the same as eating over 6 Krispy Kreme original Glazed donuts.




I know.

And sugar is not the only thing here. Those items are low on nutritional value and high in calories. That means, you will STILL BE HUNGRY right after eating them or long before lunch time rolls around. And they will make you fat, too.

Fortunately, donuts are unable to hide in whole foods. Just because, they are, well, whole. Meaning, no space for anything else, as they are already filled with all the great stuff that will keep you going for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time. With all the o’s.

So next time you are thinking about breakfast, try swapping the above for something like this. And see what happens.


Why DOES THIS WORK for OUR body and not against it?

The sugar in full fat, organic, plain Greek yogurt is NATURALLY occurring. Meaning, it is not added by a human, as mother nature placed it there, in combination with healthy fats that can source your energy steadily and slowly for longer periods. If eating plain yogurt is too hardcore to start, you can top it with some berries (low in sugar content and high in nutrients and flavor), some cinnamon, or raw cacao powder.

The nuts are a great source of healthy fats too. Again, steady energy source. A handful will keep you satisfied for a while.

Green smoothies may have added fruits (which means there will be extra sugar) BUT, unlike juice, the fiber has been kept and it is combined with raw greens, which is why, they are awesome to feel immediately ENERGIZED. You can try this one to start.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope this helps!

Until soon,