Healthy green smoothie with spinach and kiwi in a jar mug on wood, downward view


It’s HOT here. Since like, 9 in the morning. So I had been looking for a way to add some extra freshness to my daily smoothie. and… ta-daaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I found it.

I had bought fresh mint leaves several times in the past and the poor guys ended up sad and abandoned in the bottom of the vegetable drawer. Well, that ain’t gonna happen no more yo! You have to try this!

Also, also, also, you know what? Mint promotes digestion & it’s a natural stimulant. This means your body will naturally get ready for breakfast and you’ll get that extra energy kick to start the day.

Green Mint Smoothie

GREEn mint smoothie

Serves 2.


*Two Handfuls Spinach & Baby Kale (mixed or either)
*Handful Pineapple (can be frozen)
*Half Handful Mango (can be frozen)
*Three Mint Leaves (or more if you fancy)

Note: I also added some lemon juice and grated a tiny bit ginger but my guess is it tastes good without that as well.

oh mint, where had you been all my life?

Until soon,